Professional Consultation for Roadside Training

At Roadside Manners, LLC, we focus on providing the best consultation that helps carriers pass the government policies on transportation services. Our professional team handles everything from DOT reasonable suspicion training to mock investigations.

Driver & Staff Safety

We help conduct professional on-site or off-site driver safety meetings. Our experts provide information about the latest DOT regulatory requirements. This helps companies prepare in advance to meet the new guidelines.

The meeting also covers driver & staff concerns:

  • Motor Coach Defensive Driving
  • Hours of Service/ Fatigue Driving
  • Defensive Driving

Mock Investigations

Our company helps motor carrier companies to implement an effective safety program. We use a sample driver’s record with duty status, driver qualifications, maintenance files, controlled substance & alcohol files, etc.

We audit for violations and breakdown the entire process for a better understanding. This training keeps the motor carrier prepared in case a driver is subjected to a real investigation.

New Entrant Audit Preparation

We offer this assistance to companies entering the transportation industry. Our team helps with the set-up of your carrier business, including:

  • Controlled Substances & Alcohol Program
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Maintenance Files

It is critical for new entrant carriers to succeed in this. The new entrant audit results are passed or fail.

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Suspicion Training

This training is mandatory by 49 CFR Part 382.603 for every supervisor designated to other drivers. They receive 60 minutes of controlled substance testing. We are equipped and trained to conduct these training sessions on-site or off-site.


Corrective Actions/Safety Management Plans

These plans apply to motor carriers who were investigated by the DOT and received conditional or unsatisfactory as their safety rating. We use our experience to assist these carriers in correcting the violations and preparing the required documents.

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